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About Us

Missoula Conservation District works to promote sustainable resource management for all natural resources in Missoula County. Our goals, in order of priority are:

  1. Improve and Protect Water Quality, Stream Corridors, and Stream and Riparian Habitats
  2. Improve and Protect Water Availability
  3. Mitigate Resource Impacts of Suburban Development in Rural Areas
  4. Promote Wise Land Use Practices in Riparian, Grazing, & Woodland Management; Weed Control; & Sustainable Agriculture
  5. Increase Public Awareness of the Conservation District’s Role and Responsibilities

Organized in the 1930s as a response to the severe erosion problems of the Dust Bowl, conservation districts formed across the United States. Missoula Conservation District, one of the 58 conservation districts in Montana, was formed in 1946 by a group of private landowners interested in conserving Missoula County’s natural resources. Missoula Conservation District has continued the tradition of locally led conservation for the last 70 years through its Board of Supervisors and staff.

In 1975, the Montana State Legislature passed Senate Bill 310, the Natural Streambed and Land Preservation Act (310 Law). This Act charged Montana conservation districts with the administration of the 310 Law. Missoula Conservation District administers the 310 Law within Missoula County, excluding the 1946 Missoula City Limits and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribal Reservation.

For more information on 310 permitting, visit our 310 information page or give us a call.

Missoula Conservation District meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the District office conference room unless otherwise noted. These meetings are open to the public. Please view our calendar for 310 application deadlines and District meeting dates.

Programs & Announcements

All services offered by the Missoula Conservation District are free and voluntary. In return for services, the District asks that you make a commitment to become a better steward of your land.


310 Permitting

Grant Programs

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Recent News
June 12, 2017, Approved Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2017, Approved Meeting Minutes

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