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Below is a  list of current year permits. To view more information on current permits, review the latest Meeting Agenda and Approved Minutes.

GeocodePermit Application No.ProjectStreamStatusExpiration
04220022405030000APO-01-17Ditch MaintenanceClark Fork RiverApproved with Modifications03/13/2027
04220134101040000MS-01-17Berm RemovalClark Fork RiverApproved with Modifications02/13/2018
04209711101030000MS-02-17Temporary CrossingUnion CreekApproved with Modifications02/13/2018
04232629101070000MS-03-17Utility BoringGrant CreekNot a ProjectN/A
04220320101270000MS-04-17Utility BoringGame CreekNot a ProjectN/A
04232519101050000MS-05-17Culvert ReplacementO'Keefe CreekNo Action, application incompleteN/A
04220019105120000MS-06-17Home ConstructionClark Fork RiverNot a ProjectN/A
04209324101010000MS-07-17Bridge ReplacementBear Run CreekApproved with Modifications06/12/2018
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