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All services offered by the Missoula Conservation District are free and voluntary. In return for services, the District asks that you make a commitment to become a better steward of your land.

Develop Land Management Plans with Individuals and Landowner Groups within Missoula County

    • Inventory of the natural resources
    • Develop plan map of property on aerial photo
    • Provide technical assistance to the landowner for management alternatives to accomplish the landowner’s goals and objectives

Technical Assistance through our Staff and the Natural Resources Conservation Service

    • Streambank Stabilization Measures
    • Soils Information
    • Grazing Management Pans
    • Fencing to Improve Livestock Distribution
    • Livestock Water Developments
    • Irrigation Systems and Irrigation Water Management
    • Pasture & Hayland Management
    • Wildlife Habitat Enhancement
    • Windbreaks
    • Weed Control
    • Revegetation Plans
    • Forest Stand Improvement Planning

Conservation Grants to Promote Practices that Improve Natural Resources

    • Cost-Share Grant
      • Cost-share up to 50-75%, for watershed improvements, wildlife habitat improvements, erosion control measures, and uplands improvements.
    • Riparian Planting Mini Grant
      • $500 grants for planting and seeding native riparian vegetation along streams and rivers.
    • Legacy Conservation Grant
      • A matching grant program to promote large scale conservation and restoration projects – minimum awards of $10,000 & maximum of $25,000, with limited exceptions. The District will award 1 to 4 grants per calendar year.

Services and Programs are paid for by the yearly assessment on your tax statements labeled Soil Conservation.