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District Sponsorship of Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation Grants

Missoula Conservation District sponsors Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation (DNRC) grants for organizations and schools for various projects. Examples of previously approved sponsorship projects include a natural resource youth camp, a conservation education summer program, and an irrigation upgrade.

Montana DNRC offers several grant programs available to organizations with approved District sponsorship. Visit the DNRC Grants and Loans page for a list of all available programs and more information.

Applicants interested in Missoula Conservation District sponsorship of a DNRC grant, please submit a detailed letter of interest, project proposal, and project budget identifying items to be covered by grant funds, indicating other funding sources. Sponsorship preference will be given to projects that support the goals and priorities of the District. The District Grants Committee will review the proposed project and may ask a representative of the inquiring organization to attend a District Meeting for a short presentation to the Board of Supervisors.

Prior to submitting your letter of interest, please review grant guidelines, application, deadline, and additional information on the grant of interest on the DNRC website. Grants are reviewed by the District Grants Committee and decided by the full District Board of Supervisors at the regular monthly meeting. Therefore, please submit your letter of interest well in advance of the monthly meeting to allow time for sufficient review and to be added to the meeting agenda.

If the DNRC approves the District sponsored application, the grant will be reimbursed upon final grant report submission and DNRC review.

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