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Riparian Planting Mini-Grant

This mini-grant program is to promote, maintain, and restore riparian areas along streams and rivers in Missoula County. The district hopes this program will be an effective education tool to show landowners how important riparian vegetation is to the land, the landowner, and the community.

 Program Rules and Funding

• Total funding limit of $5,000.00 per year for the entire program
• Limit/Person or Group of $500.00 per year
• Application period is year-round, or continuous sign-up
• Projects are based on their own merit, not ranked or competing against each other as in the district’s regular Cost-Share program
• Projects are approved for funding once a month at regular district meetings by the Board of Supervisors
• District staff will handle all the technical assistance, determination of eligibility, and follow-up for
the Board
• Payment of mini grant is for the reimbursement of completed planting/seeding only
• Applications must be submitted prior to any work occurring on a project, as the District may have
recommendations or requirements for reimbursement
• Applications submitted for completed projects will not be considered

Plant and Planting Rules

• Planting and seeding with native vegetation only – see native species list
• Native woody plantings can be containerized seedlings, bare-root seedlings, or willow/cottonwood
• Native grass/sedge revegetation can be for grass seeding or grass plugs
• All riparian planting and seeding must be within 50 feet of water’s edge

Set Allowable Costs for Plants, Grass Seed, and Labor

• Containerized, bare-root stock – $5.00/plant
• Willow or cottonwood cuttings – $1.00/cutting (labor only)
• Deer protectors – $1.00/plant
• Weed mats – $1.00/mat
• Grass seed – $5.00/lb.
• Grass/sedge plugs – $1.00/plug
• Erosion control fabric – $5.00/sq.yd.
• Labor – $10.00/hour

310 Law Rules

• Anything other than hand planting into the existing bank would require a 310 permit on perennial streams/rivers
• 310 Violators are not eligible to apply for this program in order to restore the area of the violation required by the district

Riparian Planting Mini-Grant Application

Applications are reviewed by the Missoula Conservation District Grants Committee and decided by the full Board of Supervisors at the regular monthly meeting. Therefore, please submit your application well in advance of the monthly meeting to allow time for sufficient review and to be added to the meeting agenda.

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