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October 7, 2019 District Meeting Agenda and Minutes


AGENDA – Missoula Conservation District
3550 Mullan Rd, Ste 106, Missoula, MT 59808
October 7, 2019 at 7:00 pm

I. Call Meeting to Order

II. Minutes/Treasurer’s Report

III. Public Comment

IV. NRCS Report

V. 310 Permit Applications

MS-41-19 – Double Arrow Ranch Landowners Association (DARLOA) c/o Greg Neudecker, DARLOA Board Member – Trail Creek – Bridge Construction & Culvert Replacement
Geocode: on or adjacent to 04-2540-11-2-02-01-0000 (tabled August 12, 2019)

MS-48-19 – John Rice obo Bitterroot Valley Ranch Association – Upper Woodchuck Creek – Install Culvert
Geocodes: 04-1976-26-3-01-05-0000

MS-49-19 – Robert Cheff – Union Creek – Bridge Installation
Geocode: 04-2203-05-3-02-02-0000

MS-50-19 – Sidney Wills – Union Creek – Sediment Bar Removal Near Culvert
Geocode: 04-2203-09-1-01-01-0000

MS-51-19 – David Zinke obo Cobblestone HOA – Clark Fork River – Bank Stabilization
Geocode: 04-2200-26-1-01-01-MSTR

MS-52-19 – Brad Hall – Union Creek – Culvert Installation and Road Maintenance
Geocode: 04-2203-14-1-01-01-0000

MS-53-19 – Brad Hall – Union Creek – Channel Alteration and Revegetation
Geocode: 04-2203-13-2-01-01-0000

MS-54-19 – Jesse Arno obo Jerry Blank – Smith Creek – Bridge Replacement (Re: Application No. MS-44-19, Denied; Permit No. MS-20-18, Approved with Modifications)
Geocode: 04-3107-24-1-01-03-0000

MS-55-19 – Mike Rahl – Montana Rail Link – Clark Fork River – Pier Rehabilitation
Geocode: ROW south of 04-2427-26-4-04-11-0000

VI. 310 Complaints

CM-02-19 – Andrew Wilkinson – Butler Creek – Encroachment on Riparian Buffer
Geocode: 04-2326-18-4-02-13-0000

CM-04-19 – Fred Mills – Clark Fork River – Work on Bank
Geocode: 04-2323-07-1-02-12-0000

CM-05-19 – Ed Brewer – Camas Creek – Undersized Culvert
Geocode: 04-2204-31-1-01-08-0000

CM-06-19 – Betty Miller – Rattlesnake Creek – Vegetation Removal
Geocode: 04-2200-11-3-06-01-0000

VII. Existing 310 Permits

MS-39-19 – Jerry Sept obo Alton Sept – Swan River – Tree Removal
Geocode: 04-3107-10-2-01-09-0000

VIII. 310 Inquiries & Issues

IX. Reports
     A. County Attorney
     B. Montana FWP
     C. Bitter Root RC&D
     D. District Committees
     E. Missoula CD Employees
     F. Other

X. New Business
     A. Correspondence
     B. Other

XI. Old Business
     A. Grant Programs
          i. District Programs
          ii. DNRC Sponsored
               1. RRGL – Grass Valley French Ditch Clark Fork Diversion Rehabilitation
               2. Other
     B. MSU Extension/Weed District Collaboration – Fairgrounds
     C. MACD Area V Meeting & Convention
          i. Report
          ii. Resolutions
     D. Equipment Program
     E. Other

XII. Payment of Bills/Adjournment

The next Missoula Conservation District meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 4, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the USDA Service Center conference room at 3550 Mullan Road, Suite 106, Missoula, MT 59808.

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