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Organized in 1946, Missoula Conservation District is a political subdivision of the state, governed by a board of five (5) county-elected and two (2) city-appointed supervisors. Missoula Conservation District formed around the 1946 city limits of Missoula, and the boundaries of Missoula Conservation District are the boundaries of Missoula County minus the 1946 City Limits of Missoula (see map below). District funding comes from local city and county taxes levied on real property within the boundaries of the district. Through a long-standing partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Missoula Conservation District was co-located in the NRCS Missoula Field Office until September 2023 when the District moved to the new Gerald W. Marks Exploration Center located at the Missoula Fairgrounds. Missoula Conservation District is now co-located with the Missoula County Department of Ecology & Extension.

Map of 1946 Missoula City Limits