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Missoula Conservation District Board of Supervisors

Tim Hall, Chair & Supervisor – Urban Appointed

(Term Expires 12/31/2024)

Tim Hall grew up in rural northern New York, on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario near the St. Lawrence River and Canadian border. He moved to Western Montana seeking wide open country in 1992 when he began work as a natural resource specialist and rural planner for Missoula County.  He has worked as a not-for-profit program director and has been a small business owner.

Tim was appointed to the position of urban supervisor by the Missoula City Council in 1994 and now serves as district chair. As a strong supporter of local agriculture, Tim likes assisting local farmers and ranchers with challenges and improvements to their lands that benefit the landowners, wildlife and fisheries. He also enjoys serving on the district cost share committee, as he believes in giving back to the landowners who are willing to commit to the effort of managing their private lands for the benefit of all Missoula County natural resources. He likes to remind people of the importance of maintaining adequate buffers between development and resource sensitive areas as Mother Nature always has the last word.

Tim feels fortunate to live in Western Montana, surrounded by natural wonder and within close proximity to wildness.  Tim is optimistic that, with thoughtful education and incentive, Missoula CD can further assist county landowners with their resource challenges, such as stream restoration and riparian issues, wildfire reduction, range and agricultural needs. While not serving as chair, Tim enjoys spending time fishing, hunting, hiking, rafting, cycling, and camping.

Libby Maclay – Vice Chair & Supervisor

(Term Expires 12/31/2024)

Libby Maclay grew up on her family’s ranch in Missoula. She studied agriculture and veterinary science and became a registered nurse to supplement her ranching habit. The Maclay family has been involved with the district since the inception of the 310 law in 1975, and Libby was later elected to the district board in 1993. She now serves as vice chair. She has an interest in conservation and public service, and enjoys watching the board deliberate and decide upon 310 applications and other district business.

Libby stays active and appreciates the many possibilities that come with living in Western Montana. In her spare time, Libby enjoys ranching, spinning, and cashmere knitting.

Travis Greenwalt, Treasurer & Supervisor

(Term Expires 12/31/2024)

Travis Greenwalt was raised on his family’s small farm in eastern Washington, moving to Missoula to study business administration, finance, and management. While still active in his family’s farming operation, Travis now works as a natural resource economist and has served as the district treasurer since 2012. Much of the work Travis does as an economist, including providing economic research associated with agricultural and water resource issues, is related to the district’s work.

Travis was involved in the planning and development of the district’s new equipment rental program. The program was sparked by an influx of grant applications the district received a few years ago. The applications were for planting seed following weed control to improve native range, however, at the time, there were limited options in the county for effectively seeding these areas. Travis researched the possible opportunities to serve this need in Missoula County, and a couple of years later, the district embarked on an equipment rental program, starting with a no-till drill in 2016. He says he enjoys working with this program and helping county landowners access the equipment they need to accomplish their production and conservation goals.

Travis appreciates the sense of community present in Missoula County and enjoys the area’s immediate access to natural amenities and recreation in rivers, lakes, and mountains.

Sidney Wills, Supervisor

(Term Expires 12/31/2026)

Sidney Wills is MCD’s longest serving supervisor, having served on the MCD Board of Supervisors since 1972 and following the lead of his father, Ernest, who was one of the original founding supervisors in 1946. A lifelong rancher and beef producer, as well as a producer of forest products, the Potomac native says his background and work provide him with a hands-on resource management perspective that supports his role on the district board. Some of his favorite past work includes grazing management, specifically the work of former CD and NRCS staff, resource conservationist Tara Comfort and district conservationist Ben Hardin, and the CD’s assistance with a water reservation dam for improved irrigation development. He also enjoys working with livestock producers, government agencies, and timber companies for the betterment of the resource. Still a full-time rancher, Sidney doesn’t have a lot of spare time, but when he does, he says his favorite hobby is to sleep.

Bob Schroeder, Supervisor

(Term Expires 12/31/2026)

Bob Schroeder is the district’s second-longest serving member, elected in 1975. He grew up in between Lolo and Florence on his family’s ranch in the Bitterroot Valley. The Schroeder family has been involved with the district since its start in 1946, when his grandfather served on the first Missoula CD board.

Several miles of the Bitterroot River flows through the family property, so Bob says he understands the trials of owning river frontage. He serves on the board because he has the experience to share and enjoys meeting landowners who can use the help. He especially likes the district’s grant programs, which he credits as a way to both financially and operationally assist landowners.

Bob’s favorite things about living in Western Montana include the people, beauty, and pleasant weather of the Bitterroot Valley. In his spare time, you can find Bob fly fishing or skiing.

Art Pencek, Supervisor

(Term Expires 12/31/2026)

Art Pencek grew up in Chicago and arrived in Missoula in 1977. Throughout his 36-year career as a forester, he practiced forest, grazing, and stream management. This work offered him the chance to be involved with Missoula CD for stream permitting and grazing management, of which he credits the improvement to his relationship with the district and the district’s landowner assistance programs. Art began serving on the board in 2002. He appreciates all of the services and programs the district provides and believes it to be a great citizen group with a genuine concern for practicing conservation while also being responsive to individual needs. He says he is inspired by the dedication and common sense of his fellow Missoula CD supervisors.

Art says he loves the blend of environment, culture, and climate that Western Montana and Missoula County offer. When not serving on the district board, Art stays active on education issues, enjoys choral music, and spends a lot of time outdoors hunting, fishing, hiking, climbing, canoeing, kayaking, and gardening.

Paul Parson, Supervisor – Urban Appointed

(Term Expires 12/31/2025)

Paul Parson was appointed to the position of urban supervisor in 2013. Paul is from Arlee, Montana, and is now a project manager and civil engineer with Trout Unlimited (TU). Paul’s background in the design and management of abandoned mine and stream restorations projects helps him to understand stream and riparian issues that landowners may experience. Paul says he serves on the board to give back to the community. He also appreciates the public process of finding a common solution through diverse viewpoints. Paul’s favorite district projects are those that involve working with irrigators to install fish screens on irrigation ditches. When Paul isn’t restoring streams or serving on the district board, he enjoys rafting, hunting, and mountain biking.

Bart Morris, Associate Supervisor

Bart Morris grew up in Greybull, Wyoming, and now works as a cattle rancher and grass farmer on his own ranch in the Missoula Valley. He joined Missoula CD as an associate supervisor in 2015. Bart’s background in conservation and ranching directly relate to Missoula CD’s work. He counts the district’s conservation grants among his favorite of the district’s programs because they help landowners achieve their conservation goals and become better stewards of the land. He also appreciates that the decisions that the supervisors make directly affect conservation in Missoula County.

Bart’s favorite things about living in Western Montana and Missoula County are ranching and the local community. In his spare time, Bart says he enjoys roping, grazing management, soil health, fly fishing, hunting, and spending time with his beautiful wife.

Joshua Schroeder, Associate Supervisor

Joshua Schroeder lives in Lolo and joined Missoula CD as an associate supervisor in 2019 following in the footsteps of both his dad and great-grandfather. He grew up in the Bitterroot Valley on the family ranch in between Florence and Lolo, but spent much of the past twenty years working outside of the United States in the food, hospitality/tourism, and real estate industries. This combination of experience has given him a unique perspective on strategic planning and responsible stewardship of our natural resources and amenities. Josh appreciates hearing thoughtful discussions and learning from the other board members and staff about how to best address soil and water conservation issues in Missoula County.

After spending several years in more tropical regions, Josh is enjoying the sense of renewal that comes with having four distinct seasons. He also finds the abundance and quality of outdoor recreation in Western Montana to be amazing. In his spare time, Josh enjoys reading The Economist, fly fishing, cooking paella, helping out around the ranch, and following his kids to music and sports activities.


Radley Watkins, Executive Director

Radley Watkins has a broad background in conservation and natural resource management. He has worked for a Wisconsin Conservation District where he headed the aquatic species management program and did some shoreline restoration. Radley attended the University of Montana and received an undergraduate degree in bio-geography. He received his master’s degree from Michigan Tech’s forestry department where he focused on landscape ecology. This background has allowed him to work as a wildlife ecologist in Washington, a lake management consultant in Wisconsin, a county land-use planner in northern Idaho, and in the field of real estate. Radley has spent the last decade living in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, the third most lake-rich region of the world where Radley’s family has owned property for over 70 years. Managing family land gave Radley hands-on experience balancing natural resource regulation with maintaining a historic way of life. Radley has a passion for protecting habitat and biodiversity, as well as getting out and enjoying natural places. When he is not working, Radley likes to spend time with his family hiking, backpacking, boating, and training his horses.

Bryan Vogt, Conservation Program Specialist

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Bryan joined the Missoula Conservation District in November 2019. He previously worked for a conservation district and watershed council in a very remote, rural part of eastern Oregon. His appreciation for agriculture came from working livestock, fixing fences, and pulling weeds on his grandparents’ ranches in the Hill County region of Texas along with spending 5 years employed at his in-laws’ diverse tree fruit orchard in eastern Oregon. Bryan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Management from Texas Tech University and did graduate studies in Rangeland Resources at Oregon State University. In his role with the conservation district, he finds it rewarding to interact with landowners, agencies, and stakeholders towards common sense, win-win solutions. Bryan enjoys spending time with his wife, Lorraine, and their two kids in a variety of outdoor activities from hiking, hunting, fishing, gardening, and 4-H projects.

Sonja Skovlin, Outreach and Office Coordinator

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Sonja Skovlin joined the Missoula Conservation District in January of 2023, excited to get back to her conservation roots.  She earned an MS in Rangeland Science and Management from Montana State University and worked as a soil conservationist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Utah before taking a hiatus to raise her children and to hone skills in outreach, communications, and office management that contribute to her fulfilling her role effectively at MCD.  She appreciates that MCD works with many agency and organization partners to plan and implement conservation practices throughout Missoula County, and to educate a broad cross-section of the community concerning all manner of natural resource conservation.  Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family, pursuing an active lifestyle, and participating in the Missoula Breakfast Forum Toastmasters Club.

Legal Assistance

John Hart, Deputy County Attorney

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks

William Knotek, Fisheries Biologist – Missoula (Clearwater, Clark Fork and Bitterroot)

Brad Liermann, Fisheries Biologist – Missoula (Rock Creek)

Leo Rosenthal, Fisheries Biologist – Kalispell (Swan Drainage)

Patrick Uthe, Fisheries Biologist – Missoula (Blackfoot)