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December 9, 2019 District Meeting Agenda and Minutes


AGENDA – Missoula Conservation District
3550 Mullan Rd, Ste 106, Missoula, MT 59808
December 9, 2019 at 7:00 pm

I. Call Meeting to Order

II. Minutes/Treasurer’s Report

III. Public Comment

IV. NRCS Report

V. Watershed Education Network (WEN) Sponsorship Request

VI. 310 Permit Applications

MS-41-19 – Double Arrow Ranch Landowners Association (DARLOA) c/o Greg Neudecker, DARLOA Board Member – Trail Creek – Bridge Construction & Culvert Replacement
Geocode: on or adjacent to 04-2540-11-2-02-01-0000 (tabled August 12, 2019)

MS-59-19 – Steve McAfee c/o Tetra Tech, Larry Cawlfield – Clark Fork River – Bank Stabilization
Geocode: 04-2324-03-1-01-08-0000

MS-60-19 – Blackfoot Communications obo Kellen Palmer – Drew Creek – Utilities Boring
Geocode: 04-2540-12-1-01-35-0000

MS-61-19 – Erck Hotels c/o Nielsen Commercial – Grant Creek – Hotel Construction
Geocode: 04-2200-05-3-01-09-0000

MS-62-19 – David Pogge c/o WGM Group, Eric Anderson – Buck Creek – Irrigation Diversion
Geocode: 04-2992-09-4-01-01-0000

MS-63-19 – Bonnie Anderson and Hillary Selvin c/o WMA Specialists, Will Andrews – Bitterroot River – Woody Vegetation Removal (Common Buckthorn Noxious Weed)
Geocode: 04-2199-34-1-02-01-0000

VII. 310 Complaints

CM-04-19 – Fred Mills – Clark Fork River – Work on Bank – Stairs
Geocode: 04-2323-07-1-02-12-0000

CM-05-19 – Ed Brewer – Camas Creek – Undersized Culvert
Geocode: 04-2204-31-1-01-08-0000

CM-06-19 – Betty Miller – Rattlesnake Creek – Vegetation Removal
Geocode: 04-2200-11-3-06-01-0000

CM-07-19 – Dennis Gallagher – Ninemile Creek – Unmodified Ramp
Geocode: 04-2427-28-2-04-05-0000

CM-08-19 – James Schlinger – Barber Creek – Excavation on Creek and Banks
Geocode: 04-2992-19-1-01-11-0000

VIII. 310 Inquiries & Issues

IX. Reports
     A. County Attorney
     B. Montana FWP
     C. Bitter Root RC&D 
     D. District Committees
     E. Missoula CD Employees
     F. Other Reports

X. New Business
     A. Correspondence
          i. Rattlesnake Creek Dam EA
          ii. DOA Young Ag Couple Conference
          iii. Other Correspondence
     B. Other New Business

XI. Old Business
     A. Grant Programs
          i. District Programs
               1. Bitter Root RC&D Sponsorship for FY2020
               2. Other District Programs
          ii. DNRC Sponsored
               1. 223 Grant – Seeley Lake Sewer District & Clearwater Resource Council
               2. Other DNRC Sponsored
     B. MSU Extension/Weed District Collaboration – Fairgrounds
     C. MACD Convention Recap
     D. HB 383 and 310 Rule Change
     E. Equipment Program
     F. Other Old Business

XII. Payment of Bills/Adjournment

The next Missoula Conservation District meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 13, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in the USDA Service Center conference room at 3550 Mullan Road, Suite 106, Missoula, MT 59808.