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May 10, 2021 District Meeting Agenda and Minutes (virtual meeting)

Missoula Conservation District – May 10, 2021 Meeting at 7:00pm


For access information please contact Jackie Vitas at or 406-303-3427 or

Radley Watkins at or 406-214-5131

May 10, 2021 Minutes

I.      Call Meeting to Order

II.      Minutes/Treasurer’s Report

A.     April 12, 2021 meeting minutes

B.     April 19, 2021 special CMZ meeting minutes

       III.      Introduction to Jackie Vitas

IV.      Public Comment

V.      NRCS Report

VI.      310 Permit Applications

MS-30-20 – (Tabled 11/09/20) – Marie Ann Zens Kimerly – Lolo Creek – Bank Stabilization

Geocode: 04-2091-33-3-01-04-0000

MS-08-21 – Ron Pierce obo Scott Tucker – Gilbert Creek – Bridge Construction/Channel Alteration/ Irrigation Structure

Geocode: 04-1978-27-1-01-01-0000

MS-10-21 – David Merifield – West Fork Petty Creek – Debris Removal

Geocode: 04-2321-34-1-01-04-0000

MS-12-21 – Paul Rossignol – Graves Creek – Bridge, Cabin, and Campsite Construction

Geocode: 04-2090-20-2-01-02-0000

MS-13-21 – Marshall Healy – Clark Fork River – Vegetation Removal and Planting

Geocode: 04-2201-18-3-05-01-0000

MS-14-21 – Jennifer Boyer & Jeff Crouch – Rattle Snake Creek – Tree Removal

Geocode: 04-2200-14-2-15-02-0000

MS-15-21 – Clark Fork Coalition – Katie Racette – Miller Creek – Channel Alteration/Restoration

Geocode: 04-2093-26-1-01-08-0000

MS-16.21 – Jeffery Stowell – Glacier Creek – Point of Diversion

Geocode – 04-2991-02-1-01-05-0000

    VII.      310 Complaints

CM-06-20 (Re: MS-31-20, AWM 11/09/20) – Mark and Cassandra Rideg and William Rideg – Spring Creek – Dam Building/Maintenance

Geocode: 04-2427-07-1-01-01-0000 and 04-2427-07-1-02-08-0000

 VIII.      310 Existing Violations

CM-08-19 (Re: MS-32-20, AWM 03/08/21) – James Schlinger – Barber Creek – Excavation on Creek and Banks

Geocode: 04-2992-19-1-01-11-0000

CM-02-20 (Re: MS-32-20, AWM 03/08/21) – James Schlinger – Barber Creek – Bridge & Road Work

Geocode: 04-2992-19-1-01-11-0000

CM-09-20 (Re: MS-04-21, AWM 02/08/21) – Carl Graumann – Clark Fork River – Vegetation Removal

Geocode: 04-2200-17-2-01-12-0000

       IX.      310 Inquiries & Issues

A.     Manor Blvd wetland issue

B.     Bank erosion at Cobblestone Condo Association – Clark Fork River

C.     Culverts needed on Mill Creek property

D.    Tree removal on Morrell Creek

E.    Numerous violations on Petty Creek

           X.      Reports

A.     County Report

B.     Montana FWP

C.     Bitter Root RC&D

D.    Watershed Groups

E.    District Committees

F.     Planning Board Update

G.    Missoula CD Employees

H.   Other Reports

       XI.      New Business

A.     Correspondence

B.     Chuck Holman – Freedom Gardens and Frenchtown Public Schools

C.     Channel Migration Zone meeting outcomes

D.    Permissive Mill Levy

E.    310 Presentation to the Consolidated Planning Board

F.     Other New Business

    XII.      Old Business

A.     Stakeholders

i.      DNRC State Lands – Lease Sites

ii.      MSU Extension/Weed District

1.       New Building Groundbreaking

B.     Programs

i.      Grants Program

1.       MCD Grants

a.      CRC Pollinator Project funding request

b.      Riparian mini grant – Clark Fork

c.      Montana Natural Resources Youth Camp donation request

2.      DNRC Sponsored Grants

a.      HB223 Sponsorship request – CRC Seeley Lake monitoring project

b.      HB223 – Fairgrounds Greenhouse – update

c.      Pollinator Grant – UM Firewise Garden – update

d.      Purcell – Environmental Contingency Grant – update

                                                            ii.      Equipment Program

iii.      Pollinator Program

XIII.      Payment of Bills and Claims/Adjournment

The next Missoula Conservation District meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 14, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom video conference.