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1-406-214-5131 8:30 am - 4:00pm. It is advisable to call ahead of your visit due to fluctuating staff schedules.

Sept 12, 2022 District Meeting Agenda and Minutes (in-person with virtual option)

Click here for approved 9/12/2022 Meeting Minutes

AGENDA – Missoula Conservation District
Click here for a PDF version of the Agenda
September 12, 2022 at 7:00 pm
USDA Service Center Conference Room

3550 Mullan Road, Suite 106, Missoula, MT 59808

For access information on joining the meeting virtually by Zoom video conference or by phone, please contact:
Radley Watkins: or 406-214-5131
Bryan Vogt: or 406-880-3526

I.  Call Meeting to Order
II.  Minutes/Treasurer’s Report
III.  Public Comment
IV.  NRCS Report
V.  Emergency Notices

EM-01-22 – Garry Glenn – Grass Valley/CF River slough on La Valle Creek – Sandbag Check Dam
Geocode: 04-2324-25-4-01-02-0000

VI.  Existing 310 Permits

MS-07-18 – Threshold Contracting – Rattlesnake Creek – Vegetation Removal, Tree Removal, Building in Riparian Zone
Geocode: 04-2200-11-2-05-08-0000

VII.  310 Permit Applications

MS-33-21 (Re: CM-02-21) (Tabled 09/13/21) – Todd & Lisa Bender – Cooney Creek – Channel/Bank Restoration
Geocode: 04-2992-06-2-01-15-0000

MS-43-21 (Re: CM-05-21) (Tabled 11/08/21) – Robert Shaffer obo Double Arrow Ranch – Drew Creek – Restoration
Geocode: 04-2541-07-2-02-07-0000

MS-29-22 – The Nature Conservancy c/o Steve Kloetzel – Wildhorse Creek – Large Wood Placement & Beaver Dam Analogues
Geocode: 04-2329-06-1-01-01-0000

MS-33-22 – Malcolm Miller (Treasure State Tree Service) obo Brookside Condo Assn – Rattlesnake Creek – Tree Removal
Geocode: 04-2200-11-3-09-01-0000

MS-34-22 – Malcolm Miller (Treasure State Tree Service) obo Scott Beach – O’Brien Creek – Forest Stand Thinning
Geocode: 04-2199-28-1-03-04-0000

MS-35-22 – Ron Pierce (Fish Tale Restoration) obo Scott Tucker– Gilbert Creek – Streambank Restoration
Geocode: 04-1978-26-1-01-07-0000

MS-36-22 – Jordan Johnson c/o Blackfoot Communications obo MDT – Fish Creek – Utility Boring
Geocode: 04-2541-32-2-01-13-0000

MS-37-22 – Barry Smith – Mill Creek – Bridge Construction
Geocode: 04-2429-06-1-01-01-0000

MS-38-22 (Re: CM-07-22) – NorthWestern Energy c/o Sady Babcock – Miller Creek – Stream Crossings
Geocode: 04-2092-13-1-01-03-0000

MS-39-22 – NorthWestern Energy c/o Sady Babcock obo Randall Moy – Marshall Creek – Utility Boring
Geocode: 04-2201-06-1-01-03-0000

MS-40-22 – Wayne and Judy Croft c/o Muth Consulting Engineers – Lolo Creek – Bridge Replacement
Geocode: 04-2090-20-3-02-01-0000

MS-41-22 – Elissa Chott (Defenders of Wildlife) obo James Sapp – La Valle Creek & Backwater Slough – Beaver Dam Pond Leveler – site 1
Geocode: 04-2324-25-4-01-01-0000

MS-42-22 – Elissa Chott (Defenders of Wildlife) obo James Sapp – La Valle Creek & Backwater Slough – Beaver Dam Pond Leveler – site 2
Geocode: 04-2324-25-4-01-01-0000

VIII.  310 Complaints

CM-07-22 – Northwestern Energy – Miller Creek – Hardened Crossing/Ford
Geocode: 04-2092-13-1-01-03-0000

CM-08-22 – Henry Wheeler – Grant Creek – Damming/Concrete/Operating Machinery in Stream
Geocode: 04-2326-32-3-09-01-0000

CM-09-22 – Victoria Rae Smith – Clearwater River– Vegetation Removal
Geocode: 04-2540-10-1-02-01-0000

IX.  310 Existing Violations

CM-02-21 (Re: MS-33-21) – Deborah and Andrew Carstensen – Cooney Creek – Point of Diversion
Geocode: 04-2992-06-2-01-13-0000

CM-05-21 (Re: MS-43-21) – Double Arrow Ranch Landowners Association c/o Greg Neudecker – Drew Creek – Fill in Stream
Geocode: 04-2541-07-2-02-07-0000

CM-03-22 (Re: MS-22-22) – Justin Turley – Lolo Creek – Vegetation Removal
Geocode: 04-2092-35-3-02-05-0000

X.  310 Inquiries & Issues
XI.  Reports

A.  County Attorney Report
B.  Montana FWP
C.  DNRC Conservation District Bureau
D.  Bitter Root RC&D
E.  Weed District/Extension
F.  Watershed Groups
G.  Planning Board Update
H.  Water Quality District
I.  District Committees
J.  Missoula CD Employees
K.  Middle Clark Fork Corridor Project (PL566)
L.  Other Reports
          i.  BSWC member update

XII.  New Business

A.  Correspondence and Upcoming Events
B.  Site Inspections Scheduling
C.  October Board Meeting date
D.  MACD Area 5 Meeting
E.  Western Montana Grazing & Ag Conference
F.  Programs
          i.  Grants Program
                    1.  MCD Grants
                              a.  LCG-01-22 Johnson Creek Fish Screen & Water Conservation Project
                              b.  CEG-01-22 Frey Grant Creek Riparian Fencing
                              c.  EdMG-01-22 Kodiak Resistant Bear Garbage Can Loaner Program in Lolo
                    2.  Sponsored Grants
          ii.  Equipment Program
          iii.  Pollinator Program
          iv.  Wildlife Damage & Habitat Conservation Program
          v.  Urban & Small Agriculture Program
G.  Strategic Planning
H.  Other New Business

XIII.  Old Business

A.  Other Old Business

XIV.  Payment of Bills and Claims/Adjournment

The date and time of the next Missoula Conservation District meeting will be determined at the September meeting (see agenda item above). The meeting will be held in the USDA Service Center conference room at 3550 Mullan Road, Suite 106, Missoula, MT 59808.
Meeting location is subject to change based on the most updated COVID guidance.
Please contact staff listed above for options to join virtually via Zoom or phone.

Bryan is the Program Specialist with the Missoula Conservation District.

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