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August 10, 2020 District Meeting Agenda and Minutes (virtual meeting)



Missoula Conservation District – August 10, 2020, Meeting at 7:00 pm
For access information please contact Barb Kreis between 9:00am and 3:30 PM on weekdays before the meeting at, or 406-303-3427
If you cannot reach Barb, you can contact Bryan Vogt at or text 406-880-3526

I. Call Meeting to Order

II. Minutes/Treasurer’s Report

III. Public Comment

IV. NRCS Report

V. 310 Permit Applications

MS-07-20 (Re: CM-01-20, Violation) – Al Zepeda, c/o James Sage, Missoula Engineering – Lolo Creek – Debris Removal and UTV Trail (Tabled for 30 days, need modified plans)
Geocode: 04-2092-33-4-01-05-0000

MS-18-20 (Re: MS-21-15, Completed Irrigation Structure and Fish Screen) – Kirk Henderson, c/o Rob Roberts, Trout Unlimited on Missoula County property – Rattlesnake Creek – Replace material to improve irrigation withdrawal
Geocode: 04-2200-14-3-06-09-0000

MS-19-20 (Re: CM-04-19, Violation and MS-01-20, Expired Permit) – Fred Mills – Clark Fork River – Remove lower section of Stairs
Geocode: 04-2323-07-1-02-12-0000

MS-20-20 – Ronald Matthew obo Joseph and Martha Martin – Cooney Creek – Bridge Construction
Geocode: 04-2992-06-2-01-11-0000

VI. 310 Complaints

CM-03-20 (Re: MS-14-20, Denied, MS-14-19, Expired Permit) – Marie Ann Zens Kimerly – Lolo Creek – Bank Stabilization
Geocode: 04-2091-33-3-01-04-0000

CM-04-20 – Howard and Susan Mitchell – Clearwater River – Vegetation Removal
Geocode: 04-2540-10-1-02-15-0000

CM-05-20 – Debra Beaudette – Clark Fork River – Vegetation Removal
Geocode: 04-2200-13-4-15-01-0000

CM-06-20 – Mark and Cassandra Rideg and William Rideg – Spring Creek – Dam Building/Maintenance
Geocode: 04-2427-07-1-01-01-0000 and 04-2427-07-1-02-08-0000

VII. Existing Violations

CM-04-19 (Re: MS-19-20, Pending and MS-01-20, Expired Permit) – Fred Mills – Clark Fork River – Work on Bank – Stairs
Geocode: 04-2323-07-1-02-12-0000

CM-06-19 – Betty Miller – Rattlesnake Creek – Vegetation Removal
Geocode: 04-2200-11-3-06-01-0000

CM-08-19 (Re: CM-02-20, Violation & MS-04-20, Denied) – James Schlinger – Barber Creek – Excavation on Creek and Banks
Geocode: 04-2992-19-1-01-11-0000

CM-01-20 (Re: MS-07-20, Pending) – Al Zepeda – Lolo Creek – Vegetation and Debris Removal
Geocode: 04-2092-33-4-01-05-0000

CM-02-20 (Re: CM-08-19, Violation & MS-04-20, Denied) – James Schlinger – Barber Creek – Bridge & Road Work
Geocode: 04-2992-19-1-01-11-0000

VIII. 310 Inquiries & Issues

IX. Reports
A. County Attorney
B. Montana FWP
C. Bitter Root RC&D
D. District Committees
E. Planning Board Update
F. Missoula CD Employees
G. Other Reports

X. New Business
A. Correspondence
B. Other New Business

XI. Old Business
A. Stakeholders
     i. DNRC State Lands – Lease Sites
     ii. Lolo Watershed Group – Partnership
     iii. MSU Extension/Weed District

B. Programs
i. District Grant Programs
     1. Other District Grant Programs
ii. DNRC Grants
     1. Other DNRC Grants
iii. Equipment Program
iv. Pollinator Program

C. Other Old Business

XII. Payment of Bills/Adjournment