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June 14, 2021 District Meeting Agenda and Approved Minutes (virtual meeting)

Missoula Conservation District – June 14, 2021 Meeting at 7:00pm
For access information please contact Jackie Vitas at or 406-303-3427 or
Radley Watkins at or 406-214-5131

June 14, 2021 Minutes

I. Call Public Hearing to Order

II. Public Hearing on Permissive Mill Levy

III. Adjourn Public Hearing

IV. Call Meeting to Order

V. Minutes/Treasurer’s Report

VI. Public Comment

VII. NRCS Report

VIII. 310 Permit Applications

MS-30-20 – (Tabled 11/09/20) – Marie Ann Zens Kimerly – Lolo Creek – Bank Stabilization
Geocode: 04-2091-33-3-01-04-0000

MS-17-21 – Double Arrow Ranch Landowners Association – Trail Creek – Bridge Construction
Geocode: 04-2540-14-1-01-03-0000

MS-18-21 – Wade Martini – Mill Creek – Culvert
Geocode: 04-2533-29-2-01-03-0000

MS-19-21 – NorthWestern Energy – Bitterroot River – Utility Boring
Geocode: N/A

IX. 310 Complaints

CM-06-20 (Re: MS-31-20, AWM 11/09/20) – Mark and Cassandra Rideg and William Rideg – Spring Creek – Dam Building/Maintenance
Geocode: 04-2427-07-1-01-01-0000 and 04-2427-07-1-02-08-0000

CM-02-21 – Deborah and Andrew Carstensen – Cooney Creek – Point of Diversion
Geocode: 04-2992-06-2-01-13-0000

X. 310 Existing Violations

CM-08-19 (Re: MS-32-20, AWM 03/08/21) – James Schlinger – Barber Creek – Excavation on Creek and Banks
Geocode: 04-2992-19-1-01-11-0000

CM-02-20 (Re: MS-32-20, AWM 03/08/21) – James Schlinger – Barber Creek – Bridge & Road Work
Geocode: 04-2992-19-1-01-11-0000

CM-09-20 (Re: MS-04-21, AWM 02/08/21) – Carl Graumann – Clark Fork River – Vegetation Removal
Geocode: 04-2200-17-2-01-12-0000

XI. 310 Inquiries & Issues

A. Fish Pond on La Valle Creek
B. Glacier Creek Flooding

XII. Reports

A. County Report
B. Montana FWP
C. Bitter Root RC&D
D. Watershed Groups
E. District Committees
F. Planning Board Update
G. Missoula CD Employees
H. Other Reports

XIII. New Business

A. Correspondence
i. Youth Range Camp – notice of cancellation
B. Permissive Mill Levy
C. July Meeting – in person/hybrid option
D. #JoinTheBuzz
E. Flynn-Lowney Ditch Purchase
F. Strategic Planning Session
G. Other New Business

XIV. Old Business

A. Stakeholders
i. MSU Extension/Weed District
1. New Building Groundbreaking

B. Programs
i. Grants Program
1. MCD Grants
a. MT Biocontrol Project support request
b. Riparian Mini-Grant 01-21 Healy
c. CRC Pollinator Project funding request
2. DNRC Sponsored Grants
a. HB223 Sponsorship request – CRC Lakes Monitoring Project
3. Revised MCD Grant Program

     ii. Equipment Program
iii. Pollinator Program
1. Pollinator Seed Packets
2. National Pollinator Week events

XV. Payment of Bills and Claims/Adjournment

The next Missoula Conservation District meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 12, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom video conference.