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February 14, 2022 District Meeting Agenda and Minutes (virtual meeting)

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Missoula Conservation District
For access information please contact Radley Watkins at or 406-214-5131
February 14, 2022 at 7:00 pm

Minutes from the 2/14/2022 Meeting

I. Call Meeting to Order
II. Minutes/Treasurer’s Report
III. Public Comment
IV. NRCS Report
V. Existing 310 Permits

MS-07-18 – Threshold Contracting – Rattlesnake Creek – Vegetation Removal, Tree Removal, Building in Riparian Zone
Geocode: 04-2200-11-2-05-08-0000

 VI. 310 Permit Applications

MS-33-21 (Re: CM-02-21) (Tabled 09/13/21) – Todd & Lisa Bender – Cooney Creek – Channel/Bank Restoration
Geocode: 04-2992-06-2-01-15-0000

MS-43-21 (Re: CM-05-21) (Tabled 11/08/21) – Robert Shaffer obo Double Arrow Ranch – Drew Creek – Restoration
Geocode: 04-2541-07-2-02-07-0000

VII. 310 Complaints

CM-06-20 (Re: MS-31-20, AWM 11/09/20) – Mark and Cassandra Rideg and William Rideg – Spring Creek – Dam Building/Maintenance
Geocode: 04-2427-07-1-01-01-0000 and 04-2427-07-1-02-08-0000

VIII. 310 Existing Violations

CM-02-21 (Re: MS-33-21) – Deborah and Andrew Carstensen – Cooney Creek – Point of Diversion
Geocode: 04-2992-06-2-01-13-0000

CM-05-21 (Re: MS-43-21) – Double Arrow Ranch Landowners Association c/o Greg Neudecker – Drew Creek – Fill in Stream
Geocode: 04-2541-07-2-02-07-0000

CM-06-21 (Re: MS-38-21) – Robert & Ann Miller – Swan River – Tree Removal/Equipment in Stream
Geocode: 04-2992-18-2-01-13-0000

IX. 310 Inquiries & Issues

 X. Reports

A. County Attorney Report
B. Montana FWP
C. DNRC Conservation District Bureau
D. Bitter Root RC&D
E. Weed District/Extensions
F. Watershed Groups
G. Planning Board Update

i. Creighton Subdivision

H. Water Quality District
I. District Committees
J. Missoula CD Employees
K. Other Reports

i. BSWC member update
ii. CDOWG meeting update
iii. Conservation District Bureau Strategic Plan
iv. National Association of Conservation District meeting

XI. New Business

A. Correspondence and Upcoming Events

i. DNRC email: APHIS request for 2022 rangeland grasshopper suppression estimates
ii. Montana Watershed Coordination Council Annual Meeting

B. Supervisor Responsibilities/Training & New Associate Supervisor Discussion
C. Wildlife Conflicts on Private Property & Bear Smart Missoula
D. Montana Soil Health Symposium Recap
E. Area 5 Soil Corps Discussion Forum Recap
F. Programs

i. Grants Program

1. MCD Grants

a. Mini Grant Applications
b. 2022 Montana Envirothon
c. 2022 Montana Natural Resources Youth Camp

2. Sponsored Grants
3. Revised MCD Grant Program

ii. Equipment Program
iii. Pollinator Program

1. Lake Co CD Seed Invoice & Donation Request

G. CSKT Water Compact Speaker recap
H. Other New Business

XII. Old Business

A. Missoula CD 310 Jurisdiction

i. Confederated Salish Kootenai Reservation
ii. Streams with Prior “No Jurisdiction” Determination

B. Other Old Business

XIII. Payment of Bills and Claims/Adjournment

The next Missoula Conservation District meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 14, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom video conference.

Bryan is the Program Specialist with the Missoula Conservation District.

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