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1-406-258-3430 8:00 am - 4:00pm. It is advisable to call ahead of your visit; staff may be in the field.

Montana Native Seed Network – Volunteers Needed!

Additional Date Added – Tuesday, July 9, 9:30 am – noon – Click Here for additional info!

Come help us plant plugs in the initial foundation seed fields of the Montana Native Seed Network (MTNSN).

Volunteers are needed to help plant vegetation plugs to establish foundation fields at the DNRC Conservation Seedling Nursery. These fields will help supply local, native seed for future conservation efforts.


  • Tuesday, June 25, 9:30 am – noon       (please RSVP by June 24)
  • Thursday, June 27, 9:30 am – noon      (please RSVP by June 26)
  • Tuesday, July 2, 9:30 am – noon           (please RSVP by July 1)
  • Just Added – Tuesday, July 9, 9:30 am – noon           (please RSVP by July 8)


  • DNRC Conservation Seedling Nursery, 2823 Spurgin Road, Building G


For More Information or to RSVP:

Bryan Vogt


About the MTNSN:

As an eco-regional production hub for the National Seed Strategy, The Montana Native Seed Network brings together public and private conservation practitioners that are working in the native seed industry. Through partnerships genetically rich \ eco-type seed is derived from wild plant populations and produced on a largescale at the Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery in Missoula. This seed is accessible to all partners and customers to restore and enhance ecosystems throughout Montana.

About these volunteer events:

Volunteers will plant plugs of native plants within foundation seed fields located at the DNRC Conservation Seedling Nursery located off Spurgin Road. These plants will eventually serve as the source of seeds for the Montana Native Seed Network.

What will volunteers need to bring or wear?

Please wear closed toed shoes and dress appropriately to be outdoors. Long pants are recommended, and volunteers will be kneeling on the ground while planting seedling plugs.